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Bower Packages


  • Image Optim - drop in to optimize images
  • Noisli - background noise
  • Git for Version Control
  • Markdown in posts
  • Dynamic Content add-on to support posts with Front-Matter
  • css & js-pipeline packages that include .YML Manifests

Notes & Comments

  • It is a wild west shoot-out of static site generators nowadays. I first ran into Jekyll and Middleman which have both been around for a little while and were both developed in ruby. Looking for a node.js-based alternative, I found an article by Kevin Lewis and soon began clicking through the docs and tutorials over on roots.cx.

Out of the box roots comes with a mix of jade for templating, stylus for css pre-processing and the axis library. I removed some of these defaults in favor of a jade, skeleton, and sass combo. Stylus did seem tempting but i preffered to work with sass for now. roots files

Other Approaches to Static Site Generators